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- The Mutt Pack Brand Rep Program -

Featured Above: @shibainu_chinook

How To Become A Rep

Becoming a brand rep is an easy way to get involved in the Mutt Pack family!  We are looking for brand reps on Instagram, and love to see applicants who have supported our shop and who have a love for adventure!  That being said, the rep program is intended to be relaxed and has no rigid requirements like our ambassador program does.  To apply, simply fill out the form below.  

Reps receive a code for 20% off our Biothane leashes and collars, and have the opportunity to earn 50% off coupons if they fulfill certain requirements explained below.  Reps also receive a pack of promotional freebies included with their first order. When placing an order, reps must include their username in the order comments.  If this is not done, the promotional freebies will not be included in their order. Our reps are also invited to add the personal discount code provided to their instagram posts.  This discount is worth 10% off the total order.  Sharing the code is completely optional and up to the individual rep.  For those looking for discount codes to share but do not wish to apply to be a rep, the code MUTTPACK10 is worth 10% off and is available to all.

To earn a one-use coupon worth 40% off our Biothane leashes and collars, reps need to post 10 pictures featuring their pup and Mutt Pack gear.  We must be tagged in the image and noted in the description.  Additionally, these 10 images must be emailed to us at

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