Mutt Pack Brand Rep Search

 Is your dog a Mutt Pack pup? Apply to join our wild-hearted rep team! We have had explosive growth over the last year, and we decided that it’s time to expand our Mutt Pack family. This is very exciting for us and we can’t wait to see who will join us! 🐾

General Information:

⌲ The term lasts 6 months and will begin January 1st 2020 . After the end of the term, reps who have gone above and beyond can earn a spot on our permanent ambassador team.You must have already owned gear from our BioThane lines. We want to work with people who have used our products and believe in what we stand for.

⌲ You will greatly help your chances if you have supported Mutt Pack before. This includes sharing photos of your dog wearing our gear and commenting on/liking our posts. 

⌲ We unfortunately cannot accept reps who are working with shops that are directly competing with us. We love and support other shops but it wouldn’t be fair or respectful to either shop if we allowed this. 

⌲ Please do not apply if you aren’t going to commit. We are looking for dedication and a mutually beneficial relationship. Reps will have many opportunities to earn store credit and many perks that are exclusive to team members. 

Term Requirements:

⌲ We require 20 total high quality images (unedited) delivered to us via email, DropBox, or Google Drive.

⌲ By enrolling in our rep program, you are giving us permission to share provided images with our followers, as well as use them in ads and on our website. Images used on our website will have credit provided on our “credits” page.

⌲ For every month of your term, we require two posts highlighting your Mutt Pack gear. Additionally, 8 story posts per month featuring the gear is required. 

⌲  Accepted reps will be added to a group chat to connect and collaborate with other reps and stay up to date on shop happenings.

⌲ Reps are expected to be engaged, kind, and supportive, of each other. If you are not a team player, you should not apply. 

⌲  Failure to meet requirements will result in being asked to leave the team. We do not want to have to do this so please only apply if you are serious about joining us. 

Rep Perks

⌲ A unique 10% off share code.

⌲ 2500 Mutt Points to start ($25 worth of store credit). You have to sign up for our rewards program to claim your credit.

⌲ 500 Mutt Points ($5 worth of store credit) each time your code is used on an order totaling more than $30. This can be collected monthly or at the end of your term. 

⌲ Ability to rent the Mutt Pack GoPro Hero Black 8 for free to capture video of your adventures in your Mutt Pack gear. This is dependent on the availability of the GoPro, since all members will be able to request to borrow it. You also will be required to fill out a rental form. Due to shipping costs and lack of ability to track the camera internationally, we can only offer rentals for US reps.

⌲ Features/promotion on our page using pictures provided by you.

⌲ Potential features on our official blog (adventure highlights, interviews, etc). 

⌲ Our participation in your giveaways (restrictions apply depending on the situation). 

⌲ Participation in company projects/events. 

⌲Free bumper magnet and sticker (with our updated logo!) with next order.

How to Enter:

⌲ Comment on our rep search post on instagram and tell us about your favorite adventure you’ve gone on with your Mutt Pack gear, or a future adventure you’re excited about! Please include a short bio about your pup and why you think they would be a good fit for the team.

⌲ Tag three friends who you think would be good Mutt Pack team members.

⌲ Repost this flier with your favorite picture of your dog in their Mutt Pack gear. Tag us in the post (description and image) and use the hashtag #MuttPackRepSearch

⌲ Submissions close 11/25/19. Total number of reps accepted is expected to be between 5-10 with a potential for more. Reps will be announced within one month following the close of the search.

⌲ We will allow international and domestic entries but please know that shipping costs to international countries are very expensive and may result in import fees and taxes. 

⌲ Please note: If you were previously on our rep team (from two years ago) please reapply since this new program is structured differently and has additional perks. 

Thank you and good luck! 🐾❤️