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     Trail Dog Co     

Trail Dog Co offers a wide array of hand tie dyed bandanas. With the option of vinyl add-ons, you can make your bandana all the more unique. Make sure to check out when their next release is, you won't want to miss it!

Blue Ridge Mutt WEars

Blue Ridge Mutt Wears has an amazing selection of patterns and prints for both dog collars and bandanas! There are new varieties being added all the time so it's always an exciting store to shop at! Find the perfect style for your pup at Blue Ridge Mutt Wears!


Instagram: @MuttWears

Facebook:  @BlueRidgeMuttWears

Copper Paws

Copper Paws is known for their beautiful metal stamped tags. With countless customization options, you can purchase a tag that you know will be totally unique and perfect for your pup! They also have a great selection of merch and other items as well!

Pacific Paws Co

Pacific Paws Co is committed to making eco-friendly products for all dog-lovers. Their selection includes collars, bandanas, tags, and people gear too! You're sure to find something that fits your pup's unique personality!

Woodland WEars Co

Woodland Wears Co has a lot to offer dog lovers! Here you can find leashes, collars, faux leather bandanas, and even custom pet portraits! You can even order custom hoodies with your instagram handle on the sleeve. How cool is that?

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