BioThane Adjustable Martingale by Mutt Pack
BioThane Color Options by Mutt Pack Outfitters
BioThane Adjustable Martingale by Mutt Pack
BioThane Color Options by Mutt Pack Outfitters

Adjustable BioThane® Martingale Collar

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About our gear: Our Biothane® martingale collars are waterproof, stink-proof, highly-durable, soft to the touch, and feature a variety of color choices! Best of all, a quick rinse under water is all it takes to get your collar looking new again.


Collar Sizing Guide:

Medium: 11-16 inches (+Chain Range)

Large: 15-20 inches (+Chain Range)

 XL: 20-24 inches (+ 3 inch Chain Range)

XXL: 23-28 inches (+ 3 inch Chain Range)


Please note that this collar is heavier in weight than comparable nylon collars and not designed for small dogs or dogs where additional weight will be an issue. It is up to the buyer to determine if the item is appropriate for their particular dog.


All chains offer a 3 inch range in addition to the adjustment.

If you have white or very light-furred dog, we recommend going with a stainless steel chain as the brass chain may patina over time and cause fur discoloration.

Please be sure to double check your pup's collar size!  Ensuring size is the responsibility of the buyer and we do not accept returns or exchanges on products where the wrong size is selected.  To properly measure your dog's neck, use a fabric tape measure and wrap it around where your dog's collar properly sits. Make sure it is a snug but comfortable fit with no overlap.

For martingales, people usually make sure their dog's neck measurement minus one inch is within the collar's range. For example, a dog with a 15" neck would fit best with a collar that can tighten down to 13" or 14" when the chain is pulled - making medium the best fit.


Product Notes:

As with any metal chain, there is the possibility of corrosion that can rub off onto a dog's fur and cause discoloration. This is particularly true in climates that are naturally corrosive such as beaches or areas with high humidity. This can become visible on white dogs, or dogs with very light fur. Good chain maintenance can help prevent this from happening but some environments may not be conducive to using metal chains. Typically, brass will patina when exposed to corrosive environments and will rub off in a blue color. While our stainless steel chains are more resistant to corrosion they also can corrode. Keeping your gear clean and dry after use is important for longevity and reduce corrosion.


General Safety Tips:

  • Inspect your gear before each use for wear and tear that could cause safety issues.
  • Never use a leash or collar for anything other than it’s intended purpose. Misuse of gear can lead to safety issues.
  • Never leave your dog unattended while any gear is being worn. It is also not advised to allow your dog to drag their leash behind them on the ground.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine what gear is appropriate for their dog’s size, strength, and activity level. Mutt Pack is not liable for any injuries or damage that may occur as a result of use.
  • Never use a martingale or slip when swimming.

Return Policy:

We want you to dig your gear as much as we do! If you don't love your order, you can return any non-custom items that are in their original packaging and have not been used or worn within the first two weeks (14 days) of delivery.

Please note, we do not allow returns for any BioThane products as these are all custom-made items.

For custom (all BioThane) products, please reach out if you have any questions before ordering. If you would like to preview a color palette we can assist with that to make sure your design is to your liking. It is also important to note that it is the buyer's responsibility to properly measure their dog. Please verify that you are measuring correctly for the item you are buying as we do not accept returns if the wrong size is ordered. If you have any questions about fit, please reach out before placing an order so we can help you!

International (non-U.S.) orders are also not eligible for returns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Absolutely Beautiful!

I'm so in love with this collar!! It's gorgeous and amazing quality:) Not to mention it's so easy to clean and keep it looking new!

My favorite!

This is my third time ordering from muttpack and my fifth collar that I've ordered. These collars are so well made and they are so gorgeous! Easy to clean and extremely durable!

new fav collar ever

i got this in white and gold.... Im in love with it truly! such a statement


i seriously love this collar..... i have about 4 colour variants and another one coming! i looooooove these. pretty, durable, stinkproof, waterproof and beautiful

Sarah A
Perfect for my sensitive ear girl!

Clover does not like a tight fitting martingale going past her ears when I take it off... so this adjustable martingale is perfect! I can loosen it before removing and Clover wears a well fitting collar without sizing up!