Ashventure - BioThane® Dog Leash
Ashventure - BioThane® Dog Leash

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This leash is named after our instagram ambassador, @adaringashventure

"Hello! I'm Stephannie and Ash is my two year old cattle dog/Aussie mix. I rescued Ash from a reservation in New Mexico when he was seven weeks old. We are very lucky to live in Denver CO and we love exploring our mountains. Hiking is what we do and our favorite trails include alpine lakes and summit tops. There/s nothing better then camping with your best friend and waking up the next day ready to keep exploring. When were not hitting the trails we enjoy kayaking, SUP, bikejoring, swimming and a good old game of fetch."

- Stephannie (Ash's mom)


Featured Colors:

Royal Blue & Forest


The Mutt Pack Difference:

At Mutt Pack, we demand the best. That's why we only use the most reputable waterproof webbing on the market and solid brass hardware. Our leashes are soft to the touch, and comparable to worn leather in feel. However, unlike leather-made gear, our gear has the benefit of being 100% waterproof and easy to clean.  The solid brass hardware makes our gear completely rust-proof, and the perfect addition to your pup’s wild adventures.


We currently offer two options for our leashes. Our standard leashes feature 1-inch webbing and hardware, while our lightweight option features 3/4-inch webbing and hardware. Standard is designed for pups of all sizes. Lightweight is designed with smaller pups in mind. Both are made with the same high-quality materials and durability standards.


Leash Specifications:

- Length: 5 Feet

- Multi-toned waterproof BioThane leash, Beta Series

- D-Ring below handle for lightweight accessories, keys, bags, etc. (Use not intended for heavy loads, or as an anchor.)

- Strong build & Stylish design

- Durable solid brass hardware

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Just what my pup needs!

I recently adopted a 3 month old pup and the leash is perfect for normal wear and tear. Not only is it waterproof but it also holds up well against my pups teeth.


Absolutely love this leash and collar combo! Holds up against all elements and cleans up nicely. Plus the vibrant colors look great on the dog!


We can't get enough of our stuff! we literally always use it! she has the best quality stuff around !

Love them!

I had a bad experience with a small business with similar products so I was skeptical when I order 2 leashes. They were well worth the wait! My 2 large huskies have given these leashes a run for their money and have yet to see wear and tear. The brass is durable and I love how vibrant they are too. Beautiful, durable and waterproof! Only regret..not finding them sooner could've save money, time and gotten an amazing product from the get-go. I have been recommending these leashes to everyone!!


I am absolutely obsessed with this leash and collar set. It is not only beautiful, but durable. The fact that it is waterproof is so helpful in this weather too! 10/10 Would recommend

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