BioThane Martingale Dog Collar
Biothane® Martingale Collar (1")
Biothane® Martingale Collar (1")
BioThane Martingale Dog Collar
Biothane® Martingale Collar (1")
Biothane® Martingale Collar (1")

Biothane® Martingale Collar (1")

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The Collar For The Adventurous

About our gear: Our Biothane® collars are waterproof, stink-proof, highly-durable, soft to the touch, and feature a variety of color choices! Best of all, a quick rinse under water is all it takes to get your collar looking new again.  We offer two choices of hardware; "Gold (Solid Brass)" and "Silver (Stainless Steel/Plated Brass)." Both are rust-proof and highly durable.  Please note that the silver chain has a larger range than the brass though the minimum adjustment is the same.


If you have white or very light-furred dog, we recommend going with a stainless steel chain as the brass chain may patina over time and cause fur discoloration. 


Collar Sizing Guide:

Brass martingales have a range of 3 inches while the silver has a range of 5 inches. At the loosest, it should be able to slide over your pup's head and at it's tightest it should fit snugly. Martingales are not for every dog and proper use of the collar is the responsibility of the owner.


Please be sure to double check your pup's collar size!  Ensuring size is the responsibility of the buyer and we do not accept returns or exchanges on products where the wrong size is selected.  It's always best to measure twice just to be sure!


For martingales, we recommend using a fabric measuring tape and measuring around your pup's neck where the collar normally sits and subtracting 1" to get the low number in the range. This allows room to tighten and pull snug. You also need to make sure the range selected will allow the collar to slip on over your pup's head. Fit is a matter of personal preference though so it is the buyer's responsibility to determine optimal fit for their dog.



Size-specific products such as slip collars and martingales are not available for returns unless there is a problem in construction with the product. It is the buyer's responsibility to measure their dog correctly. If you have any questions about fit, please reach out before placing an order so we can help you.


General Safety Tips:

  • Inspect your gear before each use for wear and tear that could cause safety issues.
  • Always make sure you are clipping directly to the d-ring and not the tag ring.
  • Never use a leash or collar for anything other than it’s intended purpose. Misuse of gear can lead to safety issues.
  • Never leave your dog unattended while any gear is being worn. It is also not advised to allow your dog to drag their leash behind them on the ground.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine what gear is appropriate for their dog’s size, strength, and activity level. Mutt Pack is not liable for any injuries or damage that may occur as a result of use.
  • Never use a martingale or slip when swimming.

Return Policy:

We want you to dig your gear as much as we do! If you don't love your order, you can return it within the first two weeks (14 days). Please note, we do not allow returns for custom items. If you would like to preview a color palette, please message us before ordering so we can make sure your design is to your liking. International orders are also not eligible for returns.

Size-specific products such as slip collars and martingales are not eligible for returns unless there is a problem due to the construction of the product. It is the buyer's responsibility to measure their dog. Please verify that you are measuring correctly for the item you are buying as we do not accept returns if the wrong size is ordered. If you have any questions about fit, please reach out before placing an order so we can help you!

Customer Reviews

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Great Customer Service

I bought two stainless steel martingales in 2020 and finally decided to leave a review this year, I never really let my dog wear them as he’s white and it would rub off on his fur badly. I wasn’t sure if it was a defective chain or what, but I didn’t contact MuttPack just because I thought maybe it was just me so I just didn’t put them on him. After leaving a 3 star review on here I was contacted within minutes and MuttPack has been working with me consistently to figure out what happened, and for that I’ve decided it’s only appropriate and fair to change it to 5 stars for amazing customer service. I know whenever I receive updated chains I’ll be even more over the moon for their martingales, I truly do love the durability and look of MuttPack products and I have two other products from them no issues and they hold up to even my most dirtiest rough dogs! I highly recommend buying gear from MuttPack and if any issues arise be sure to contact them, that should of been my first response.

Hi Julissa! I'm so happy to be working with you to resolve your issue with the chain. I have been in touch with the current supplier we use and sent along photos provided to see what their input is on why it's leaving some smudging on your dog's fur. Since the chain you selected was stainless, this is not something we expect to happen. We have also put in an order for fully customized chains on the off-chance that there is something wrong on our supplier's end. We will be in touch as soon as I find out more! Thank you for supporting Mutt Pack and for your kind words!

Hands down best collar I’ve found!

Living at the beach, I’ve struggled to find a collar that can hold up and not get destroyed by the salt water. I even ordered the wrong size initially but almost immediately reordered in the correct size because I knew I couldn’t find anything better! I love the vibrant colors and tell all my fellow dog owners about this brand!

My all-time favorite!

I love all Muttpack collars but the layered martingales are my all time favorite. I love that I can actually see the collar on my fluff ball and that no matter what combination I use it all looks so good!


I am obsessed with these layered martingales! I didn't think I would be a fan of the chain portion, but I actually love it! And I so love the ability to pick any combination of colors for my pup to wear.

When you can't decide on one color, go with both!

I wanted to get a gray or navy collar, but couldn't decide. So I went with a two-tone so that I wouldn't have to! The collar is perfect, exactly what I had in mind, and it keeps my dog safe. Its also super easy to clean which makes life easy for me when going on hikes/in the water.