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Canyonlands Rope Leash
Canyonlands Rope Leash

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Tan with green, black, purple and red flecks and burgundy wrap


There are places in Utah where the world drops out from under you. The story of eons is laid bare before you in the rich browns and vibrant reds of the earth. The Canyonlands are a gorgeous showcase of how organically shaped rock can be. Towering spires of stone, rough hewn arches and picturesque plateaus cover this park with some of the most unique views to be found anywhere on earth.


Fun Fact: The Canyonlands used to be underwater. Since the sea evaporated, the huge amount of salt deposited at the (then) seabed has been shaped into the natural structures seen in the park today.


Leash information:

Length - 5ft

Material - Polyrope & solid brass hardware

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