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Denali Rope Leash
Denali Rope Leash

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Green and blue with black stripe and green wrap


At over six million acres, the Denali National Park in Alaska is larger than half a dozen actual states. The lowlands of the park are filled with green fields and forests. Icy blue rivers cut their way across the landscape and run down the slopes of the mountain range that winds its way through the park. The namesake of the park, Denali Mountain towers over the landscape, and at twenty thousand feet it is the highest peak in the United States. The Alaskan wilderness isn’t nearly as accessible as most other parks in the U.S. but that doesn’t stop over half a million visitors from seeing this beautiful park for themselves each year.


Fun Fact: Denali Mountain was originally named after the then sitting president, William McKinley, in 1897. The native name for the mountain “Denali” came from the Athabaskan language and means “the high one.” It took over a century until President Obama took executive action to officially rename the mountain Denali in 2015.


Leash information:

Length - 5ft

Material - Polyrope & solid brass hardware

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