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Meteor Shower Rope Leash
Meteor Shower Rope Leash

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Meteor Shower


Dark blue with multicolor wrap


Out in the deep blackness of space, a comet begins an unimaginable journey. It hurtles through the cosmos for millennia until, like Icarus, it flies too close to the sun and leaves a piece of itself behind in the heated exchange. Then, on a deep blue night, in a fiery collision of color, this debris burns a brief but memorable path across our sky. It is from these final moments of the stellar matter’s life that our deep blue rope and fiery wrap get their color.


Fun Fact: A meteor is a fragment of a comet or asteroid in space. A meteorite is a meteor that has survived the fiery gauntlet of our atmosphere and made it to the ground! Meteors need to be about one hundred feet across to have a chance at earning that extra “-ite”.


Leash information:

Length - 5ft

Material - Polyrope & solid brass hardware

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