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Red Nova Rope Leash
Red Nova Rope Leash

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Red Nova


Red with orange wrap


When things as big as stars smash into each other, it gets crazy. The stars swell to fifteen thousand times the size of the sun and glow a million times as brightly. Tens of thousands of light years away we can see the light spilling out across space. A luminous, red star surrounded by a beautiful cloud of stellar debris. That bright red color has inspired this leash, wrapped in the warm orange you might associate with our own sun.


Fun Fact: The most famous type of nova, a “supernova,” occurs when a star explodes at the end of its life, but there are several types of nova, some of which don’t result in the death of a star at all. A red nova is still somewhat of a mystery, but they don’t appear to destroy the star involved.


Leash information:

Length - 5ft

Material - Polyrope & solid brass hardware

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