Dog gear for the wild-hearted

Hand-made BioThane Dog Gear

Made with adventure in mind.

Waterproof & highly durable

Rope Leashes for Urban Explorers

Explore our colorful soft-rope leashes

Silver & Gold

New hardware options available!

Mutt Pack Adventure Gear For Dogs

Waterproof. Dirtproof. Stinkproof. This is dog gear for the wild-hearted.

Waterproof & Adventure Ready

From the soft waterproof webbing we use, to our hardware options, our gear is fully waterproof, easy to clean, and stinkproof.

A Tribute To Man's Best Friend

The bond you share with your pet is special. Every handmade collar and leash we make is intended to celebrate that irreplaceable bond.

Bold Designs To Stand Out

We work hard to do dog gear differently. We offer numerous customizable leashes and collars so you can order just the right combo for your pup.

Custom BioThane® Dog Collar Custom BioThane® Dog Leash

Custom Biothane Leashes & Collars

Design your own adventure

Want to be even more original? You can design your very own BioThane Leashes and Collars!

Design a Leash Design a Collar

Explore our rope leashes

Prism Pet

While Mutt Pack is geared for the adventurous, our Prism Pet line is made to be fun and stylish. Prism Pet leashes are made for walks to the park and nights on the town. They are designed to be a perfect blend of comfort and style.

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