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Hey there! I'm Piper!  Welcome to my shop. I hope you find something you like! My mama and I started Mutt Pack because we believed that we could do dog gear differently.  All of our gear is handmade using top of the line materials, and designed to help you be ready for whatever adventure awaits you.  Perfect for hiking, a day at the lake, a run through the woods, long walks on the get the picture! It's all about adventure here!

Check out the digs, and if you have any questions, or want to send us pictures of your pup rocking our gear, drop me a bone at: Answered a bunch of those question things below so hopefully that helps too. Smell ya later!


How does a dog make leashes without thumbs?

Alright, truth is, I'm not the one making the gear. I'm more of the brains behind this whole operation. My mama does all that manual labor stuff. But I do give every order my blessing* before it ships out and that's pretty much priceless.

*Usually in the form of dog fur that accidentally makes its way into the packages.

What's your shipping situation?

We ship free! That's right. Totally gratis my friend, as long as you're shipping within the USA. So go on and shop your socks off! And once your order ships, we'll email you with tracking so you'll know exactly when to be ready to chase down the mailman.We ship worldwide as well, but unfortunately we are unable to ship for free outside of the country. We do make an effort to keep those rates as low as we can though!Since all of our products are handmade, we usually need 1-2 weeks before we get the orders in the mail.

Favorite thing to bark at?

Probably everything tbh. The TV is high up on my list, but I also enjoy barking at the door for no reason too. Sometimes I even sit in front of my mama while she's working and bark fifty-million-thousand times until she plays with me. Or if I want attention in general. The list goes on.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

You bet! Email us at to discuss wholesale pricing!

Socks or shoes?

I know this is a very heated debate in the dog world, but I gotta say socks. Super easy to steal out of the laundry basket, and also super easy to rip up. I love shoes too, but they are usually hidden away so I can't find them. That said, when I can get ahold of shoes it's AWESOME. Especially when my mama has to chase me up and down the house to get them back. Haha!Aside from socks, I love digging. In fact, I once lead a major excavation project at a local park. I made it about halfway to China from my calculations.   

So...who's actually in charge at Mutt Pack?

Uhhh, me? You think dogs can't be good shop owners or something? Come on now, it's 2018 people. Dogs are fully capable of doing anything these days so you all better believe it! And while you're at it, would you mind opening that bag of treats for me? K Thanks.

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