Indoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Indoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Although Mutt Pack Outfitters is an outdoor brand and I am one to often #optoutside, it’s simply not always possible. Now seems as good a time as any to talk about some fun, indoor activities you can do with your dog to keep you both entertained if you can’t do your normal walks, hikes, and outside playtime. While you can always play in a yard if actually leaving your property is off the table, bad weather or even not having a yard may force you indoors, so this is a simple, easy to do list of ideas for you and your pooch to continue your fun!



Trick Training: Stuck inside? Teach your dog a new trick! Trick training is fun, keeps you and your dog on their toes, and can bring a new enthusiasm into your session instead of obedience training, which is something your dog is already familiar with. Brushing up on old tricks and learning new ones works your dog’s mind and gives them something that’s out of the ordinary. Trick training doesn’t always have to mean “High five” and “Play dead” either! You can branch out and be creative. Try teaching your dog to pick up and put away their toys!

Find It/Sniff Games: Using blankets, cups, or even your own hands can make a fun, interesting way for your dog to earn treats and use their brain! It’s very simple and potentially costs nothing if you already have a blanket, cup, etc.. all you need is treats and a bored dog! Hide the treats around your house or in your blanket/cup/hand and let the fun begin! It’s a cheap alternative to buying a puzzle game, but if that is more your style and you either already have some or can get one when you need it, then doing a challenging puzzle game can also be a fun way to interact indoors!



Agility Course: Okay, so there probably won’t be much agility, but it’s still fun! Make an obstacle course inside using whatever you have! A broom across two chairs as a jump, some couch cushions, a laundry basket, or even pillows! The only thing stopping you is your imagination! If that isn’t your style though, you can build your own using cheap materials like PVC pipes or purchase a cheap, already made course. Some even come with tunnels!

Interactive Games: Try playing hide and seek or tug of war! If you have two people, recall your dog from different parts of the house. Really, just have fun with it! It’s about bonding and entertainment, so it doesn’t have to be perfect! Anything you try with your dog they will surely love because they just enjoy your attention and spending time with you! Maybe wrestle if that is more your dog's thing!



Netflix and Chill: For real chill though… After you’ve had your fun with interactive games and tricks, watch a movie together and relax! Cuddle if your dog is into that, give them a little muscle massage, or scratch their favorite spot. You can even read a book out loud to your dog! My dogs love when I read to them. They will all gather around and listen, often drifting in and out of sleep, and simply enjoying the sound of my voice; though, I am quite convinced they are understanding the story too! Whatever you choose to do inside, just be sure your dog is included.


Stay Safe!

— The Wayfinder


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