Stay Home. Hike Later.

Stay Home. Hike Later.

This is a story about a bird.

A bird who could remember the days where the wind carried her high into the sky as the sun warmed her. When it would ruffle her feathers with each gust and new smells and leaves would drift on every breeze. She remembered a time when she was wild and free, but that was a thing of the past now it seemed. She was trapped in a cage with nowhere to go.

. . .

Winter had been hard for everyone, but as the snow melted away and flowers began to bloom, new life took over the forest where she lived. Friends came out of their deep sleeps and the trees were full of chatter as they began making their plans for the coming season. The days grew longer and warmer, only causing the enthusiasm for life after the cold to grow like the new plants around them. She had so many things she wanted to do, wanted to accomplish, but there was a shift in the atmosphere. As if dark clouds had rolled over the forest, yet the sun still shined bright. The world around her and her friends continued on, but things for them changed drastically and suddenly.

Soon, her friends started to disappear. She didn’t understand what was happening, but she was scared. The animals panicked and fear caused chaos. The forest grew quiet and the animals that once roamed the tall trees, enjoying the season’s change, were gone. They were caged, separated from one another. Friends ripped apart and lives turned upside down. Families huddled together, hidden away from the outside world, so unlike their normal routine. She dreamed of the days the wind carried her. She peered through the bars of her cage and watched while the flowers continued to grow and litter her world with color, yet she could not get any closer than where she was now. Stuck.



She felt the tight grip of loneliness wrap around her like a heavy blanket, but that’s when she heard it.. A familiar whistle from not far off. It was one of her friends, she could hear him! Even though they were caged, there he was. Out of sight, but still there, still safe. They began talking, filling the boredom of their caged life with conversation and games. Others joined in and soon, the forest was buzzing again. Friends reuniting through song and relationships continuing despite the distance. The trapped animals tried new things, things that they could only do in their cages and so unlike what they’d usually do. They supported each other. They loved each other. Through the distance, there was love.

Though it took a while and it was hard, the bird made it through and her cage was opened. She was released. She was free. She returned to her life amongst the clouds and the trees and the forest regained its usual traffic as the animals began to go about their daily activities. Her friends were still there. The forest was still there. The breeze...yes the breeze was there waiting for her too. The sun warmed her again and though much was missed during their time caged, life went on and they were together again.


 . . .


I know this is hard right now. Mutt Pack is a brand for the wild at heart, so if you’re here, you’re itching to be out there. To be back where you belong, wild and free amongst your favorite hiking trails with a dog at your side. Together, we will get through this. Together, we can flatten the curve. Stay home. Hike later. This too shall pass. The forests will be waiting for us.


Stay home and stay safe!

— The Wayfinder


featured image by @voyagewilder | images by @voyagewilder

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