Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Our Blog!
Welcome to our first blog post! We plan to make posts here a regular part of our site, so you can stay up to date with shop news, as well as find articles designed for dog lovers everywhere.
This blog will feature a variety of topics, from shop updates, features with our amazing ambassador adventure squad, tips & tricks, fun activities to try with your pup, and so much more!
Since this is the first blog post, I want to take a moment to introduce myself and give some background on how Mutt Pack came to be. To those who I haven't met, I'm Michele! And my four-legged kid is Piper. It goes without saying that without Piper, there would be no Mutt Pack. She is the reason for everything I have done with this shop and my inspiration at every step of the way.
I first saw Piper's picture while looking at adoptable dog's at Great Dog Rescue of New England. The second I saw her, it was love at first sight. Within an hour I had texted my girlfriend her picture and applied to adopt her. I knew I was meant to have that silly pup in my life. We brought her home in May of 2016 and the rest is history! She makes me smile and laugh every day and has helped me to believe in myself more and more. Being an overly obsessed dog-mom, I made an instagram account for her, @muttswithbutts, so I could share pictures of her with the insta community. Instagram is also where I would later start my shop.
In late June of 2017, a little over a year after Piper came into my life, I started making paracord leashes. After being asked where I got them enough times, I decided to try my hand at selling them! The leashes were hand-braided, featuring a rubberized grip for comfort, reinforced handle, and a hook for accessories and keys. When I designed this initial leash, I took care too ensure that it looked nothing like the other paracord leashes on the market. Being original was, and has always been, vitally important to me. I also believe that this originality has been key to my success.
As my business started taking off, I explored other materials, and subsequently launched a successful line of climbing rope leashes. My explorations and experimentation eventually lead me to BioThane, a material that I have since fully committed to. BioThane webbing is both waterproof and stinkproof, meaning it won't ever begin to smell like other materials do. I was similarly impressed with its strength and durability, and before I knew it I had thousands of feet of it organized in my basement workshop.
Finding what I believed to be the holy grail of leash and collar material, I knew hardware would hold equal importance. After a great deal of research into different metals used, I narrowed my sights to solid brass and stainless steel. Both were far pricier than other hardware options, such as plated hardware, but I wanted my company to reflect the values that I believed in. Quality and durability would always be my top priority. In the end, I decided that solid brass offered everything I could possibly want. It would never rust, could hold up in salt water, and I thought it looked both beautiful and adventurous.
And that is how my adventure with Mutt Pack began! It has been my greatest joy to watch it grow, and has introduced me to some of the most amazing people out there. To those of you have been along for the ride with me, thank you! And to those who are just joining, welcome aboard!
Happy adventuring!
Michele (& Piper!)
Mutt Pack at a vending event in 2017

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