BioThane® Meets the Fi Smart Dog Activity Tracker

When Fi launched their dog activity tracker, they brought unmatched technology to the dog community. The Fi Tracker is an amazing tool for active pups, and we made a collar that pairs perfectly with it. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to build your pup a unique collar that showcases their personality. Every Fi Dog Collar Band comes equipped with genuine Fi end-links. All you have to do is attach your tracker and you're ready to go!

Please note, these collars do not include the actual Fi Smart Dog Activity Tracker. This must be purchased at:

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Cobra Buckle Fi Collar - Yellow
Cobra Buckle Fi Collar - Red
Cobra Buckle Fi Collar - Pink
Cobra Buckle Fi Collar - Olive
Cobra Buckle Fi Collar - Black
Premium Fi Collar - Ocean Blue
Premium Fi Collar - Yellow
Premium Fi Collar - Red
Premium Fi Collar - Pink
Premium Fi Collar - Olive
Premium Fi Collar - Black